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The Malaysia’s culture is not originate from Malaysia but it’s from other countries. The real part of the Malaysia’s culture is own from the special habits and conventions of every different family who lives in Malaysia. Malaysia is a multiracial country , it sustain by a lot of different cultures and conventions from different races of people in the country. It’s just like “Bai Jia Bei” , gather every piece of cloth and sew them together and make it become a complete quilt.

——During this visit and the process of collecting data, we deeply feel the Malaysian Chinese enthusiasm for the land. Also, it derives many fun and interesting culture that we’ve never heard before. Because it’s fun, therefore it’s seems more real. Each family and each home has their own different traditions and stories. From the elder to the younger, man to woman, they all have a heart that love their own cultures. And because of love, they willing to stick to the traditions and hand down the love to the generations.As Malaysian Chinese, we should be proud of all these culture that we have. Although they are all small little things that inspired from our life, but it deeply affected us from one generation to another. Perhaps, this is the strength.Through out this visit and survey, we learned a lot and we do hope that all these traditions and conventions will keep on inheritance to the next generation so that they can feel and experience more on this love. 
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