The Oddly Familiar Insect Restaurant & Cafe



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An insect restaurant and cafe experience.

The main concept is linking insects together with what they taste like in the form of a more common food that we are more familiar with. 10 insects are chosen and are illustrated to be the main characters for the restaurant. These insects are hybrid insects as they are part insect and part made up from a common food that they taste similar to. The aim for these insect characters are to act as a bridge that connects common flavours of familiar foods to the odd and mysterious insect world. By educating customers what these insects taste like before they order and eat them, it helps give them a peace of mind and a guiding hand to step into this new and unfamiliar environment.

The logo has a playful style and nature that reflects the playful style of the brand identity. The word “Oddly” points to the odd insect food, while the word “Familiar” points to the more common foods that we are familiar with. By putting these 2 words together into the name “Oddly Familiar” it is telling customers that these insects doesn’t have some crazy weird out of this world flavours but actually taste more familiar like common delicious foods that we are already used to eating.


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