Grand Cafe Coffee Rebrand





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Grand Cafe coffee is a brand that doesn’t sell directly to consumers, but to nonbranded coffee shops, cafés, pubs, quick service restaurants and contract caterers. The main selling point of Grand Cafe is that the coffee range are all certified, making them an ethical coffee service brand with a conscience.

The brand is given a brand new look that’s fun and whimsical. The main visual identity consist of 2 main elements that interact with each other; the taste of each specific coffee range together with elements that represent its specific certification. The combination of these 2 main elements creates a single mood for each of the coffee range that becomes its essence and soul. The 3 main coffee bean mixes are Rainforest Alliance Coffee Beans, Triple Certified Coffee Beans, and Fairtrade Coffee Beans. The packaging of the Grand Cafe coffee beans are made specifically with the fact that these packaging are mainly for display behind counters out of reach from consumers. Their main role is to stand out from the shelves and tell a story within it. The triangular prism shape of the packaging gives it a modern twist to it. Logo Design: The logo of the brand follows closely with the visual identity style that is made up of clean and colourful shapes. The logo is split into 3 different colour palette for the 3 main coffee bean packaging range. The 3 dots at the end of the logo represent the 3 certifications that Grand Cafe proudly presents.