First Things First: Publication "Wayward Designers?"




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For this manifesto publication, it was designed with a concept of directions and maps. After breaking down the various years of the first things first manifesto. It made me think through about myself and from my perspective, I felt that although we had the skills within us, it is also our choice on how we would want to use our skills on. The entire manifesto talks about the changes of the design industry and how we should focus on contributing to greater things. Hence using a map of a river, I showed the 3 different part of the land to show the evolution of the design industry. The river itself represents the skills and the different streams represents the different directions that one possibly could go. Whereas the 3 different parts of the map shows how the usage of the river can affect the nearby land.
Hence, representing how the direction and choice of a designer determines our future. 
The 3 manifestos are then combined to form a poster. This publication will then serves as a purpose to help blooming designers and navigate their directions. 
I ended off the publication with a short note, conveying the purpose of the entire publication hoping that individuals will understand it more clearly. 
Featured in Singapore Polytechnic 2015 Open House



Iris Teoh