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Nicky Loh




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“Photography has always been a journey.”

For the photographer based primarily in Singapore and Shanghai, who began his journey as a photojournalist at Reuters, authenticity and emotional intimacy are always what he looks for through the viewfinder. Having recently joined the ranks of Lürzer’s Archive 2016 shortlist of the top 200 advertising photographers globally, he has made a name for himself for his distinctive photojournalism style.

He approached us to create a brand identity, website and newsletter, the equivalent of an artist’s monograph. On this journey, we focused on a journalistic perspective, deciding to let the content take the lead and push the viewer forward, with the design in the background, shouldering it all the way.

As a starting point, we began with a Chinese character, noting that the photographer’s Asian identity was the point of departure. Taking it further, we used hand-typed letters to signify the photographer’s identity as a photojournalist. The collaterals are hand-pressed via letterpress machine to lend a human touch – perhaps the human impact, deeply felt.

The photographer’s portfolio led us to choose something basic and functional, yet spoke volumes: directly communicating to us in the most authentic way possible. We let the artwork speak for itself. We wanted something honest, something straightforward, like a picture that told us exactly what to feel.

A final point of note: we journey, the past follows us, like a shadow. Indeed that is the nature of a photograph – and isn’t there something nostalgic about a photograph, no matter how recently taken? Referencing this nostalgia in the form of old-school publications, we gave a nod to a simpler, carefree time. So even as we journey forward, we relive the past backwards.



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