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My Little Tapas Bar




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As light-filled and cosy as it sounds, My Little Tapas Bar is the sister outlet to My Little Spanish Place. Chef partners Maria Sevillano and Edward Esmero created a space that charms with quintessential Spanish touches. The meson concept derived from the Spanish saying Mi Casa es Su Ca is a guiding philosophy. That’s My House is Your House, a classic adage that conjures friendly, welcoming townsfolk in a bustling square. We wanted to pay homage to this notion, and set off by foot to find this place.

There was something faded, yet proud, about the ambience of the town when we first set foot in it. Weary and needing rest, there was no shortage of cafes. We stooped under sand-beige umbrellas, shook off our patched leather boots, and had a wine and some tapas. A child, a little scoundrel, came scampering over, beneath the signage that echoed the one before, like a series. There were lightly pencilled drawings on the menu. The old maestro had drawn it… the dishes, his own, too. For a moment, time stood still.



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