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The project is inspired by the missing of the family fireworks display during the Spring Festival in recent years and aims to find another playful and cultural way to enrich Chinese family gathering experience through interaction design.

” Wishes fade into the light ” – Creation

When a family gathered around the Wishlamp, they can write and draw repeatedly on 4 sides of it. A special kind of material called water writing cloth is used which can maintain your writing for only a few minutes. Users can write on the lamp with water, watch it dries out to be disappeared and then write again. Wishlamp will capture each writing before it disappears and stores it into a server as a “Family Creation Library”.

” Memories appear in the light ” – Connection

After gathering, when users go back to their own living environment, Wishlamp will play the role of connecting them with other family members. Sitting by their own Wishlamp at home for a few minutes will trigger the appearing of images on the lamp. Swiping to go through the images that Wishlamp grabs from the “Family Creation Library”, users will be pulled back to the moment of their family gathering and creating. Users can also update their family library by writing and drawing new wishes on Wishlamp in everyday living



Yueyang Yao