Space Experiment emotional re-narrate of stairwell



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Narrative Space 
Designer: Zhang Yu 
Direction: Bi Xuefeng 
Programer: cholla
Installation: Wang Zhipeng, Zhang Yu, Yang Piaoyang, Wang Wanqi, Xu Xinwei
Mediums for interact: camera, Computer, Projector
Through the stairwell research found that people living range more than 80% of the memory in the stairwell, but only 17% of people in this positive mood, only 33% of people will realize that it is deficient, which I try to use new media, interactive way to Academy of Art Xiangshan Campus, Building 18 2 1/2 layer stairwell as an example, an experiment on space. This is a narrative about the potential between the stairwell and human emotions, try to give the more emotional exchanges on the basis of its daily traffic on the city like hidden in a quiet forest, those fireflies scattered over the floor, people inadvertently through, it will cause those wonderful sprite flicker followed, constantly changing the imaginative verse and song, "the great function of poetry is to help us return to our dreams," Gaston Bachelard in " Poetics of space "is mentioned, the image of fireflies and poetry combine to create an experience touches the heart of the stroll.


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