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M Social Hotel (Singapore)




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In recent years, hotel chains have been diversifying to develop new hotel brands for a new age of travelers. M Social belongs right in this new breed of hotels. Situated along the Singapore River in Robertson Quay, its 293 rooms were planned to host guests who value true authentic experiences. The objective of this branding exercise was to bring life to this new vision, one that carried it's own distinct personality with a dynamic identity system able to respond to the various needs of the hotels, whether through in-house or marketing materials.

After a thorough research process which helped to define the positioning as well as tone of voice for the brand, the identity set out to capture urban attitude without looking dirty, energetic flavour without feeling like a tired approach, friendliness without feeling fake. Every touch point was considered and designed to connect with hotel guests in the M Social voice; from bedroom slippers to cups all the way to little housekeeping notes.

The extensive project culminated in internal facing documents as well as a brand guide to sought to help the hotel and staff understand and maintain its unique identity.



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