Asia-Pacific Design No. 10 (APD 10)




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Asia-Pacific Design is a top representative of graphic design annual in Asia-Pacific region. Since its first edition in 2005, Asia-Pacific Design (APD in short) has been successfully published nine times by Sandu Publishing together with the efforts of famous designers all over the world. Now, it is the tenth year. One year, one book. The pieces of work in each annual are carefully selected. The graphic design in Asia-Pacific region is booming during the ten years. It has been preferred by design agencies and professional designers continuously. As a valuable reference in the design circle, APD aims at promoting design in Asia-Pacific Region and providing good opportunities for excellent designers to stand out.

In 2014, Asia-Pacific Design No. 10 (APD NO. 10 for short) collects the most creative graphic design throughout the Asia-Pacific region. It will continuously follow the publishing concept of original design and collect more excellent graphic designs. In order to make sure speciality and authority, all the contributed works will be carefully selected to represent the top level of Asia-Pacific design. APD No. 10 covers nine categories including Branding, Orientation System & Visual Space Design, Creative Type Design, Print Design, Poster Design, Package Design, Logo Design, Graphics Design & Extended Products, and New Media Design. APD No. 10 collects numerous classic design works from nearly 20 countries or regions in Asia-Pacific region. It is an indispensable guide book with high reference value.



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