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1.What is the benefit of Salesforce CRM?

Here are some of the top benefits of Salesforce CRM:
Ensuring faster and better sales opportunity
Deploying an analytical approach to customer acquisition
Reducing cost and improving customer satisfaction
Automation of repetitive and less important tasks
Improved efficiency and enhanced communication on all fronts

2.Explain the advantages of Salesforce using the SaaS platform.

Some of the main benefits of Salesforce SaaS are:
A pay-as-you-go model perfectly suites all customers
No hassle of infrastructure management
All applications are accessed via the Internet
Easy integration between various applications
Latest features are provided without any delay
Guaranteed uptime and security
Scalable performance for various operations
Ability to access via mobile devices from anywhere

3.What is returns a list of records which has been added recently to sObjects. The records which are yet to be saved in the database are returned. Only insert and update triggers have the sObject list, and records can only be modified in before.trigger.

4.What is a static resource in Salesforce?
A static resource lets you upload content that is in the form of .jar and .zip formats, style sheets, JavaScript, and so on. It is recommended to deploy a static resource rather than uploading files to the Documents tab since it is possible to pack a set of files into a directory hierarchy and upload it. These files can be easily referred to in a Visualforce page.

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