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In this hadoop training for beginners video you will learn all the major concepts of hadoop from beginning. So this big data hadoop tutorial for beginners is a one stop video for you to learn what is hadoop, what is big data, why hadoop came into existence, hadoop architecture, how to transfer bulk data between hadoop and external data stores using scoop, how to process structured data through hive & how to analyze and manipulate data using pig. There is a project as well at the end so that you can master this technology completely.

Why should you watch this Hadoop Tutorial for Beginners video?

You can learn big data hadoop much faster than any other technology and this big data hadoop tutorial for beginners helps you do just that. This Intellipaat big data hadoop tutorial for beginners will familiarize you with the various big data hadoop concepts. Big data hadoop is one of the best technological advances that is finding increased applications for big data and in a lot of industry domains. Our big data hadoop training course has been created with extensive inputs from the industry experts so that you can learn big data hadoop and apply it for real world scenarios.