Flowers for La Madre


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One afternoon my mother asked me whether I could design some contacts cards for her, just so that she could give them to her friends. I said 'Sure'. My mother kept the design/ project brief very opened. The main considerations were that she didn’t want colours that were too vibrant and she wanted a somewhat ‘elegant’ vibe to her cards but without being ‘dated’ or ‘old fashioned’. My mother also specified that she wanted either her initials ‘MN’ or just her name ‘Misty’ on the back of her cards. ​

I decided between using either an older or newer illustration of mine for the cards. Both of those illustrations are of flowers and my mother likes having flowers around the home. The illustrative style of my works were based on the old-school medical illustration textbooks that you may find in the library (ie. fine-line ink pen with detailed cross-hatching etc). I really liked the organic presentation of both the illustrations and thought that they exuded a very feminine, sophisticated and elegant vibe too.

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