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The apartment of this fashionable, young couple required meticulous attention to the little details, to achieve a Scandinavian-inspired home with loads of character. Passionate collectors of toys and comics, the owners also asked us to design showcase areas where they could stylishly display their growing collection.

As firm believers that every home should reflect the owners’ personality, our intention was to inject some character into the overall industrial Scandinavian aesthetic.

The living room feels both chic yet earthy, with lovely warm woods and exposed red brick finishes set against a luscious, neutral palette.

The living and dining areas were seamlessly combined, while a bar counter offers a perfect, central setting for entertaining guests.

In the spare bedroom, we created a custom cabinet, complete with sliding doors and built-in lights, where the husband proudly displays his collection of toys.

To keep the missus happy, the master bedroom features a sleek ceiling-hung rail for wardrobe essentials and a minimalist yet plush vanity table.


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