Sophia's Recipe paper slip for festive seasons




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Event’s slip (Eid Mubarak) Sophia’s Recipe

Sophia’s Recipe is a brand of homemade cookies. It’s a festive season of Eid Mubarak in Indonesia, so Sophia’s Recipe wants to make their box to fit into the theme.

The idea is to have something that is applicable to the current box without so much of changing the design of the main box. A paper slip design is what suits this purpose. It’s changeable and quite easy to ensemble.

The design approach for this item is to have an authentic pattern that is similar to the arabesque or Turkish style. Blue and white is chosen as the color theme, to match the box and the brand color theme.

For the font, we choose something that resembled Arabesque style too, to match the whole design. Framing the greeting and brand is an Arabesque door frame, to give it a more Ramadhan look and feel.

Event’s slip (Christmas) Sophia’s Recipe

For this Christmas, Sophia’s Recipe is using another paper slip for to give it a more festive look and feel. The client chose to use the same pattern design from the Ramadhan version and change the color. The color theme is blue and gold.

To fit the theme, we use some gold ornaments on the frame and some snowflakes to give it a festive feel. For the font, we choose a handwriting font to give it a more fluid look. To fit the theme, the Sophia’s Recipe logo has been converted into blue and gold colors as well. The finishing is supposed to be in gold ink.

Event’s slip (CNY) Sophia’s Recipe

Sophia’s Recipe as a homemade cookies brand is joining the Chinese New Year festivities. For 2018 it’s the Year of the Dog. The Turkish style design doesn’t really fit the Chinese style. For this design, there’s a major redesign for the pattern and color as well.

For the pattern, we are using the Chinese elements like flowers, dog (since it’s the year of the dog) cherry blossom and double happiness ornament. Some simple geometrical shape is used to frame the greetings on the front.

For the font, we choose a bit of a Chinese style font but still readable. The color theme for this design is red and gold. The red color in Chinese means good fortune and happiness. The gold is to give the whole design a more premium look. The red and gold color theme also fits the color of the takeaway boxes.