Generic Calendar 2015


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The Brief

As Generic is undergoing a rebranding campaign, the objective was to develop a concept that supports the introduction of the ‘fresh’ brand identity. We decided to create a beautiful multi-coloured calendar for 2015. The calendar should also showcase what Generic is able to achieve with their printing skills set. Since this will be given to clients, the brief was for it to be of a reasonable size, yet bold enough to catch the eye.

The Solution

A new year. A fresh re-imagining of Generic’s brand communication. This theme is extended through the dynamic range of colours, textures and details in the ensuing pages of the calendar. The images chosen are flowers, fruits, animals, fireworks, to represent key events or celebrations each month. The harmonious complement of joyful colours are beautifully showcased through layers of die cut numbers.

The stand is not forgotten, its a representation for Generic’s foundational strengths in colour, creativity and connection with stakeholders.


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