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AIC Mascot Bear




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The Bear

This is H.U.G Bear, the mascot for the Agency of Integrated Care (AIC). Bears are highly evolved social animals with intelligence comparable to that of the great apes. Not unlike people, bears often share friendship, resources and security, and are often affectionate, protective, sensitive and attentive.

The Characteristics

Cheerful & Cooperative

H.U.G Bear knows that many things can only be be accomplished by teamwork, so he learns to work well with different people in order to help those in need. He strives to develop a positive working environment, so that the team would yield better results.

Compassionate & Helpful

H.U.G Bear likes to help others. Upon seeing anyone who seems to be in need of assistance, H.U.G Bear would smile brightly and ask if they need any help. He would try his best to put their situation into perspective for them and provide whatever advice or help they need.

Creative & Open-minded

H.U.G Bear often thinks outside the box so he adapts well to any obstacles or challenges in his way. To achieve this, he has to broaden his mindset and keep an open mind to all religious faiths and cultural differences. He also accepts constructive criticism graciously and learns from his successes and mistakes.

Positive & Attentive

H.U.G Bear listens attentively and tries to understand different perspectives and needs of others. He strives to think positively and learns new ways to help others in a forward-moving, positive manner. He is passionate about what he does and he loves to make the most of each beautiful day for everyone, no matter rain or shine.