"I Used To Sleep At Night"


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At the beginning, my main point was using neon colours; a mode of feeling and attitude translated through a still images. And I came out with the idea to do something indoors with the use of colour gel for lighting. I wanted the shoot to be photographed in a hotel, to use the location to convey the idea that it was a very temporary stay—no more than one evening. We have all been there, checking in to a room at an unplanned hotel to make amends for our decisions.

We booked a modern, hi-tech hotel and our model, looking for someone strong and really young, which was the best way to translate the vibe and also have a little bit edgy touch, as well as avoid getting a trashy style.

For the wardrobe, I’ve used fur pieces mixed with dresses and for an urban, modern yet minimalist look, with the addition of some jewellery.

I´m really happy with the final work.


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