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Born with cerebral palsy, a form of brain damage, Seraphina was only expected to live for about 9 years. However, she lived till she was 15 and her family sees her as their blessing and miracle. She passed on the 20th of August 2015. Gabriel tattooed her name on his right shoulder to remember and carry her on his shoulders forever. 

“En colère et folie, je ne pécheras pas” In anger and folly, I shall not sin. This is Gabriel's promise to himself to restrain his anger from affecting others, especially those he loves. Taking up Muay Thai was an outlet for him to vent his frustrations and learn self-discipline. 

“Eis quos Amo” which means for those I love; is tattooed onto John Paul's upper back. John Paul's love for his friends and family led him to sign on as guards in the army. His younger sister often fell ill which increased his desire to protect her even more. In front of a pool of adverse situations, he will always be there for his family and the people he loves.

After being informed of his parents’ divorce, Jack drew out the tattoo on his left chest. The tattoo comprises of a heart engraved with his parent’s names as if linking them together. It's placing is significant as it lies on his heart. 

“La liberté est l'oxygène de l'être” which means freedom is the oxygen of the soul, is what is inked on the right side of Sean’s body. He is one who detests being confined by rules but breaks boundaries instead.

Exhibited at Maranatha Christian University, Bandung, Indonesia, at it's 50th Anniversary show