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LAB/ART Interactive Installation Exhibition




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" This exhibition showcases a selection of past technology- and human interaction-based art projects between 2013 - 2016 "
I explore unconventional methods of art making. My work negotiates "distance" that is created between a work and its audience: the physical distance where the audience is unable to touch or has restricted access to the work; the conceptual distance between the personal content of the artist and the interpretation of the participating audience.
Works in this exhibition are based on the relationship between technology and human interactivity. Each piece is formulated to include human presence, where the audience's experience and physical input creates varied outcomes of the work. Analog and digital techniques are combined, reflecting my own experience of growing up, tracing communication methods from letter writing, to telegrams, telephones, pagers, mobile phones, to surfing the internet. Each work reaches back into the analog era when direct physical contact will operate a device: the action of pressing, pulling, turning, spinning. Digital pathways then come into play when a computer program is used to design complex tasks and analyse resulting data.
The technology in each project is employed in harmony with its content. The technology does not necessarily perform its original function, but tells a different story of the artist, expressing emotion, and transformed into a vital element of the artwork.
"Every piece of work experiments on and questions the possibilities of thought expression and creation process on a sharing platform that invites others to interpret the work through their own experience."

8 September - 8 October 2016
At Tadu Contemporary Art
Bangkok Thailand