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Shinpo desk calendar 2016




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Shinpo as a company specializing in manufacturing plastic house-ware and furniture wants to make a desk calendar as part of the marketing tool. The calendar will be spread to customers and employees. The main points that has to be on the design are : company products and information. The requirement for the calendar are: more space for notes (other than the dates), Chinese and Javanese dates, and product shots. Simplicity and clean is the concept. To achieve this, the combination of white as background and red as accent is used. The color itself comes from the company’s logo. The design is pretty straightforward, as for the dates we use dividers to give a “grid” feel. While for the mini calendar below, no divider is needed, to avoid too much cluster on the design. The font is sans serifs style to give it a more modern look. For the finishing, we use Spot UV with doff lamination only on the cover. Calendar size is 15 x 21 cm.