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Shenzhen Lezhi Robot Co., Ltd. mainly engages in popularizing robot maker education, initiating engineer cultural conception and realizing innovative talents training. Adhering to the concept of easier & more interesting robot and maker education, we have designed a whole set of innovative teaching method and teaching environment, we have also developed series of equipment & classes suitable for robot/maker education, as well as organized international robot maker competition activities. Our products mainly include underwater robots, land robots, industrial robots, service robot, etc.


The color is designed according to the color of the sea. And with the loss of the sea level, the color is more and more deep

____________________________________________________Graphic of Auxiliary__Sea Wave

Underwater robot innovation platform :The mechanical power segment of the underwater robot innovation platform adopts bionic technology to simulate the swimming method of fish, which makes the robot fish swims continuously and flexible underwater. The intermediate and high level editions are also equipped with various motion mechanical structures such as propeller advancing system, float upwards & diving functions and horizontal rotation adjustment system, which allow the robot to have more movement choices.

Multi-underwater robot cooperation platform:
Multi-underwater robot cooperation platform is an educational platform for research of theory & practice on multi intellectual body cooperation. Research & experiments of group cooperation assignments such as overall info/partial info route planning, assignment distribution, formation control, cooperated transportation, round up can be done using underwater robot controlled through a standard platform, which explores theoretical issues in the multi-robot cooperation area.

Marine life