Trend Forecast 2014





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In order to better understand the trends in the world and to know what would likely be the next big breakthrough, I did intensive research to try find out what could be the next step for my designs and how they would be able to prepare ourselves for the future in time to come.
This is a compilation of some of the up and coming trends and also how each trend relate to another, thus allowing me to pick up the patterns to try and predict future ones.

As we all know, wearables are a big hit now. In the near future, these devices would not only be able to track the physical, but also emotional and psychological well-being of the users to provide feedback so as to allow us to better our lives.
These devices are so interconnected nowadays that they have created an entire web, a system of products and services we now call the internet of things. However, with the rise of these smart devices, when would they surpass us, humans?
This thus gave rise to several other trends which are seen in the futher down the study.

At the overwhelming pace in which technology is advancing, many unconsciously try to search for things with sentimental values, to help bring them back to the past, to help them find something relatable. Which thus gave rise to the nostalgia trends we all see now. 
With the educated population rising, there would thus be a general improvement in the quality of living and income levels of the population, thus driving the increase in second-hand goods as well as products and services which helps enhance their day to day lives. 
However, this would cause the population to become monotonous in the long run and thus, there are individuals which would seek to have their own identity, to stand out from the rest of the population

The growing aging population have been exposed to technology. This thus gives rise to countless opportunities for technology to better their lives. 
Last but not least, environmental issues etc. have also given rise to a wave of eco-friendly products which rides on the increasing urge for us to remain socially and environmentally responsible for our own planet.