Travel in Taiwan (No. 60, 2013 11/12)


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2013 November/December IssueIn our November/December issue we have a feature article about Qingjing farm and Mt.Hehuan in Nantou County, where you can take in marvelous mountain scenery. We also take you on a bus tour to Xitou, a famous forest recreation area, explore the hot-spring district of Beitou in Taipei, and go BMX biking in an extreme sports park in Nangang. We introduce you to the indigenous village of Bulau Bulau in Tilan County, visit a drum maker in Xinzhuang, New Taipei City, and a water caltrop farm in Tainan. You will also find information about upcoming festivals and events around Taiwan.
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If you have an Internet connection tap on web links in the app to find more info about hotels, restaurants, tourist spots and much more!


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