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Bingo is a brand of Chips in the Indian snack market. It was launched by ITC on March 2007. Bingo chips comes with 4 types of snacks of 17 different flavours mainly of indian masala's and spices. This game is designed for the brand Bingo, its called as bingo Paheli town where where each type has its own puzzle type game. Every packet has a QR code at the back of it, so when the consumer buys the packet and scans the QR code he/she lands up to the game of BINGO PAHELI TOWN and can enjoy a different game with every bingo flavour.
This is the protype of the game shows 4 different games associated with all the four types of snacks.

Navigation Flow Chart

Navigation Flow Chart

Wire Frames

Wire Frames

Final Logo of the Game

Bingo Chips

Bingo Chips

Scan the QR code printed on the back of the packet he/she  and land up to Bingo Paheli Town, you need to login with your Facebook Id

You can also Invite you friends on facebook. Cross all the levels of the game and crack the flavor.

Unlock the next flavor, Scan the QR code on any other packet and solve the new Paheli (Puzzle)

Score High and get exciting prizes from ITC

Unlock and Enjoy the new game with Bingo tangles

Unlock the madness of Mad Angles

Landscape orientation