Aalst Chocolate Packaging Design




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The brief is to design a packaging for a premium chocolate. The packaging also needs to have a Singapore elementto it. 
My idea: After doing some research, most premium chocolate packaging are dull and sophisticated. Therefore I decided to have a modern and vibrant look for my packaging. The outer packaging to be plain and minimal then when they open the outer packaging, the inside will be very vibrant and shocking. The idea is to give a surprise to the consumer when the open the outer packaging. Also, when the consumers open the packaging, the products will pop up like the 
clifton ring box.
Since my target audience is a hardworking office lady who is always busy with work, I decided to go for a free spirited concept for my design direction so that when they eat this chocolate, they will forget about everything else and be free for that moment. Some objects that represents free spirited are balloons, bubbles and kites. So for the Singapore element, I used the places where they can go to and enjoy themselves.

Openning the outer packaging

Outer packaging

Outer packaging

Outer and Inner Packaging