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Family Member Day




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"Happy Realisation Day"
The project requires me to take historic facts and communicate them in an illustrated manner, hence I chose Greeting Cards as my form for it is a product of the kind of marketing I am criticising. 
Holidays have lost their appeal, their significance and their meaning because advertisers have weaved a story of their products along with the actual history of the holiday to sell their products. 
I aim at decoding the "ugly truth" of what these holidays have actually become. 

Starring: One family member
Ages ago, the Greeks held a festival to honor their Goddesses Rhea and Cybele, but later this became known as the Christian festival – Mothering Sunday, created by a lady called Anna Jarvis. This holiday was created to put mothers in the spotlight for all the crap they put up with over their years. Hallmark liked the fact that children began to buy gifts to show their mother how much they’re worth to them, so they decided to create holidays for other family members as well!
Feel special, cause this card is for you, Mom/ Dad/ Grandpa/ Grandma.

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