Formosa Medicine Show by The Muddy Basin Ramblers


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The Muddy Basin Ramblers "Formosa Medicine Show" Music CD Packaging

Nominated for the 57th Annual Grammy Awards, Best Recording Packaging
Nominated for the Taiwan's Golden Melody Award forBest Album Packaging Design
2014 Golden Pin Design Award selected

The Muddy Basin Ramblers is a jug band from Taipei, They play music from the turn of the century such as old time Jazz, blues, ragtime. This is also a concept album based on medicine show from the 1920's. so the graphic style is try to authentically represent the period of the history. The physical copy of "Formosa Medicine Show" comes wrapped in a 45-RPM record sleeve, complete with lyrics, in English with translation in Mandarin Chinese, printed on vintage newspaper-style broadsheets.


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