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'Flying Boy' has been published!!
Please download and review this game.
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'Flying Boy' represents a young boy's dream that he wants to fly to the sky.
Basic rule is jumping on the wood block and go higher than competitors.

Feature 1. Control
There are two kinds of control types which are Touch and Tilt.
Touch type is dragging from side to side.
Tilt type is tilting from side to side.
Control response is very fast and smooth.

Feature 2. Competition
If player have friends connected Facebook, player can compete with friends.
As player getting closer to friend's height score, friend's picture comes out.
So player would have desire to win a competitor.

Feature 3. TournamentIt will be opening tournament every week.Player can go to the Hall of Fame by winning at tournament.

Feature 4. Items
There are two Upgrade items and three One-time items.
As high as player can jump, player get more coin.
With coin, player can upgrade jump level or time level,
remove sticky block, start with booster, and get 10 seconds more.

I hope you guys like this game.
Thank you.