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SUHAIMI ART SPACEIn the fast paced city centre, Kuala Lumpur, people have less time to stop and appreciate the good things in life such as art. Suhaimi is an architect turned artist who believes in the power of the arts. Being a contemporary artist who has made a mark in the world of modern art, he still finds time to experiment with various materials.If he would own a gallery in the heart of the city, how would it cater for the everchanging needs of the growing art scene in Malaysia? As our pseudo-client, Suhaimi would have an array of choices to choose from. He would be able to visualize better to what are the possible outcome of a gallery design in a vacant lot nearby Dataran Merdeka. As part of the programme, this art gallery would have two distinct roles: a private studio for Suhaimi himself to carry out his creative feats and also a public platform to showcase and view artworks from the resident artists - who would be able to serve at the gallery on a bi-monthly contract. An addition to the brief are public spaces where the people of KL are given the chance to learn more about the arts and also walls are provided to be filled up with street grafitti. Youths can come in and create anything they wish to try in hopes of finding Malaysia's hidden talents and giving back to the community.The existing structures on site has an untold story of a 1960's jeweller's shop. With respect to its existing history, a new art space is put against the art deco facade wall and the concrete foundation to continue building up the architectural heritage in that area.So, the story continues. 

"This space is a interactive art platform for the people. It’s art deco styled doors (and see-through walls) are open to the city explorers, kids, students, tourists, elderly, simply everyone. Budding artist as well as established artist are encouraged to come and display their work in the fluid spaces of the double volume gallery. Above the exhibition area, hidden from the public eye is a serene private space for artists-in-residence and the artist, Suhaimi himself. The entire building is surrounded by greenery, giving visitors a break they need from the hustle bustle if the grey city. Overall, the real art pieces on display are the people utilising the public space for their activities involving art. So, get your hands dirty and grab a canister of paint (from our office counter) and start making your own artwork!” - Written on the final board.

The floor plans.

The urban studies (above) and the conceptual section showing the gallery space being used by art-lovers.The building is a post modern twist with a mix of glass and steel as the main feature. A green roof is introduced at the top-most level to provide some comforting natural ambience to the users. A main lift is connected to everyfloor of the gallery, but is not accessible to the private studio of Suhaimi. Security is a main issue in art galleries, there fore it is uncommon to have a gallery as a public building. Hence, this gallery is different as the masterpieces are protected with high tech security features and the public art are the ones that are left open for anyone to alter or experiment with.
The existing wall is retained as the design is built together with it, like an annexe in order to strengthen the old structure and further retain it, as Kuala Lumpur is a town of many untold heritage. This combination of the old and new facade makes an interesting view from street level. This also acts as a welcoming factor to attract customers to come in as they please and experience better art in a space with a pure form.

Some photos of the 1:100 scaled model that was made for the final presentation.Various model techniques and materials have been used in the making of the completed model.
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