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A Small Retreat House





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 'Bukak-Tutup'That is the concept that guides the design of this retreat house.The 'Bukak-Tutup' concept literally means to 'Open-Close'. Its abstraction can be summarized in the prose below:
OPEN is to capture views as CLOSED is to privacy
OPEN is to let in elements as CLOSED is to filter them
OPEN is to adventure as CLOSED is to security
OPEN is to freedom as CLOSED is to restriction
OPEN is to speak as CLOSED is to silence
They co-relate and exist in harmony. 

Preliminary sketch design of the bamboo house. 

This A- framed retreat house sits on a site in the wetlands of Paya Indah, Putrajaya. It is based on the traditional malay house design that can adapt to the microclimate and the needs of the occupants. One of the design concepts in the   traditional malay house scheme dwells about the openings in a space. This weekend home is an extension of that concept. The house opens up to views of beautiful lakes on either side of the left and right elevation. During the night, or when it direct sunlight hits the house, the occupants can close up the windows or simply let the light shine in. The front of the house welcomes its residents to enjoy the human feel of bamboo and directs them to the other end of the house, which opens out to a private garden, a sanctuary.  

This retreat house can be open to the surrounding environment as well as closed to uphold privacy and calmness within a bamboo interior. 

​The bamboo retreat house was a final assignment given in the first year of architecture school. The basics of anthropometry, scale and idea conception were the applied science in this project. Materiality too is a crucial aspect of this design. Our lecturers were nice enough to give us the benefit of the doubt on structure and construction methods. Below are my complete presentation board in its original composition. 

Thank you for visiting this project.May the bamboo spirit be with you.:)- H.XD -