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SLOW LORIS OBSERVATION SPACEIn the forest lurks creatures that swing from branch to branch, but too shy to show themselves. They are the Slow Loris, a type of lemur that lives in the tropics. This species are believed to be endangered and only a few still exists in our rainforests. This project seeks to help spread the awareness about these cute animals. This observation space is a simple space that allows the public to learn about these small creatures - without scaring them away. The overlapping timber facade is designed to camouflage within the woodlands of the tropical forests. Observation through the slits on the facade is enough for anyone, young or old, short or tall to be able to spot a Slow Loris that happens to be wandering outside.There is no guarantee that there will always be animals to see as they roam freely in the wild, rather than in a captive zoo. But just as candid pictures are more beautiful than pre-planned shoots, these animals would be at their best seen in their natural behaviour.

Above is a model of scale 1:20, made with a styrofoam base to represent the sloping ground of the forest and cardboard pieces to represent the timber planks. Below are the manually drawn posters for the final presentation.

Below are 3D imagery done with 3Ds Max and Photoshop, made a year later while in computer graphic class.

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