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 BAMBOO BUS SHELTERSustainability has become more like a requirement more than just a supplement in the architecture design studio of this school, especially in this assignment. Starting close to home, the site for this design is within campus itself. The aim was to utilize the public spaces in campus with this addition of a 5m wide bus shelter that serves as a bus stop together with a kiosk to cater the needs of students staying on campus.Bamboo has proven itself not only to be an eco-friendly material, but also strong and durable through many precedents, ranging from small structures by Tadao Ando to big structures such as John Hardy's Green School in Bali. 

Here are post processed photos of the structural model showing the entire structure design and the tied up joinery of the bamboo components. Scroll down for more detailed, close up photos.

No project is complete without schematic and detailed design drawings at different intervals of the design process. From inception to final presentation.The next part of this project deals with producing readable construction drawings to build this bus shelter. At this stage, we were only allowed manual renderings. No computer allowed. Well, challenge accepted!

Six bus shelter designs were selected for further design development for an actual 1:1 built project. Mine was not one of them. I was involved in developing my friend, Kirin's design of a modular timber frame structure. "Time to hit the workshop and more sleep deprivation ahead," was all the that we were thinking at that time.*I will update this part sooner or later* 

Thank you for stopping by this project :)