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CUBEsUniversity of Malaya 2010 (B.S in Architecture, Part 1)The cube.

 We were encouraged to come up with concepts or reasons behind a certain form we choose to use on our cubes. I wanted to try abstracting circular elements and incorporating them with the rigid cube. This one looks as if punched with fists at all six sides that were designed to correlate with each other.

It was only after the headache and endless design process of trying to put things together, when we were also required to draw out what we have designed. Complex designs had to result to complex drawings. At this stage in design studio, it is forbidden to use AutoCAD or any other computer drawing tools. These drawings are all done with the draughting table, traditional measuring tools and only pencil rendering techniques are allowed.

The Double Cube was special as it has an interlocked spaced connecting the two bodies. The degree of interlocking volumes was entirely up to us, the designer to decide. I decided to dwell on the concept of Zero Gravity, as if floating around in space to get from one space to another; to move from one cube to the other. Stacked vertically, with cut out openings on its facade, this design imposed stability issues at the initial design stage. But as space exploration implies, there is no limits - nothing is impossible.