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Pen-ahh: Face caricature, Postcards and a D.I.Y Shelf





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Wonders of the pen.PEN-AHH ...is an independent enterprise set up by my classmates and I. It started as pseudo-company for a school assignment under Basic Entrepreneurship class. Even the name was supposedly a joke at first. Now, Pen-ahh has grown to become an indie label for our products that promotes creativity.At the beginning, we created designs for our D.I.Y products as the designs would be shortlisted later on. It felt like a real company during operations. I had time to take my mind off from being a student for a while :) We even had our own factory going on in studio, during the night time. Our early products consist of sketchbooks, t-shirts, postcards, analogue cameras, canvass bags and button badges. We also offered services on our sale day on campus, that includes silk-screen printing and on-site face caricature.My expertise was poured into the sketch areas: face-caricature and postcards. I also thought it would be nice to display our goods in a eye catching, non-conventional D.I.Y cardboard shelf. Here are some works that I did under the "Pen-ahh!" art shack in June 2012.

Below is one of the sketchbook cover design that I illustrated with the words that every creative person should hold on to.

More details about Pen-ahh can be found on our Facebook page link ( https://www.facebook.com/penahhmatahitam )and if you're interested, watch our sales documentation video on Youtube( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=znZR_2MsDWs&feature=plcp )