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There is no doubt that poems are one of the most renowned feature of traditional Chinese culture. The typography posters are about “The Book of Songs”. The Book of Songs, also called Shi Jing and The Classic of Poetry, is the very fountainhead poetry and also the earliest anthology of Chinese poems. Shi Jing not also gives us the background of ancient China but also illustrates the idyll and sincerity among people.

I combined the two words "蒹葭" into a image to express an atmosphere overflowing with love. And the combination just like a couple in love.

Here comes the poetry:Reeds green and white dew frost. My beloved, just on the water side.Against the stream I go to him:The way is hard and long.Down the stream I go to him:He is here is the midst of the water.Reeds are lush and the dew is not yet dry.My beloved, just near the water bank.Against the stream I go to him:The way is hard and steep.Down the stream I go to him:He is here on the side of the water.Reeds growing luxuriantly and the dew has not yet gone.My beloved, just on the water dam.Against the stream I go to him:The way is hard and intricate.Down the street I go to him:He is here, on a ledge, in the water.

The design of the posters is based on three representative poems from Shi Jing. The first poster "Jian Jia” is about a gentleman longing for a fair lady; the second poem “Zi Jin” portraits a young married woman missing her husband in war; the last one, “Guan Ju” has the similar meaning to Jian Jia but much more enthusiastic. The design combines the two words from their titles into a single picture to present a feeling of love and the feather-shape images are because that birds are a symbol of love and auspicious in Chinese culture.

The final proposal is the monotone version.

The poster series also participate in 2016 Red Dot Design Award: Communication Design Award.