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Eat Super Be Super!




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Eat Super Be Super is a family event that promotes healthy eating to children aged 5-7, as well as their parents through food art. Research shows that 1 in 2 Singaporean children is considered as picky eater. Also, young children are at the age where they start getting picky with their food choices. Therefore, the event, with the use of food art, will teach the children and parents to prepare meals that are both appealing and healthy. The clients for this project are Health Promotion Board in collaboration with NTUC Fairprice. The design concept is to introduce powerful fruits and vegetables superheroes to act as role models forthe children.The first promotional items are the posters. There are three variations of the poster, with Eat Super Be Super, Eat Super Live Super and Eat Super Feel Super. The posters will be placed in shopping malls and in supermarkets.The second promotional item is the supermarket boards. The boards will be placed in supermarkets at the fruits and vegetables sections to inform the public about the event.Brochures are also part of the promotional collaterals. It contains information on healthy eating, food art, note to parents and event details. 

During the event, the public will be given a health kit bag/goodie bag. The kit will include a healthy eating publication, food art recipe folder, stickers and characters cards. The healthy eating publication contains information on healthy eating, benefits of fruits and vegetables andfun facts. The folder art folder contains cards of recipes of food art that the children can prepare, with the help of their parents and some basic instructions required.

Lastly is the micro-website for the event. The website allows the public to sign up for the event and learn more about healthy eating and food art as well.

Thank you!