Arctic Wildlife




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Arctic Wildlife
is an application designed for kids that provide information about arctic animals
This is a collab work for Multimedia II Final Project
Thank you and enjoy
Application Concept Basically this application will be discussing about animal. But not all animal, we try to minimalize it into one group of animals that living in the same habitat, we chose Arctic Wildlife. Why arctic? The Arctic region is a unique area among Earth’s ecosystems. Not only the ecosystems but also the animals. There are several specif- ic animals that only live in the arctic, such as arctic fox or beluga. Kids might not really know about them, and we want them to know more, learn and care about the animals. The apps will be discussing about the anatomy of each animals, facts about the animal such as : their habitat, their characteristic that make them unique. Not only that, we also show the overall threats that can damage the arctic ecosys- tem, so kids will learn to care about the impact of global warming to the arctic’s animal. So overall, the apps will be provides informations of the animal’s anatomy, habitat, facts, and also threat to the animal it self. And to make it more fun for kids, we will provide a mini games, which is a quiz game to challenge the kids how well they know about arctic animals in a fun way. Design Concept For the design concept we want to make a fun and interactive design for kids. We wanted it to be engaging for kids, not too crowded or full design, we keep it simple and light design. So it’s not too hard to be used and read. We don’t want to make this application too complicated, we try to provide picture in every page. And we’re not only used pictures, but we combine it with vector illustration, so it’s more dynamic and not too stiff. The design is quite simple to make it more dynamic we play with colors gradient, and also typefaces. For the colors we took it from the ice berg colors, and we expand it into gradient. And for the typefaces, we want it not to be too stiff, so we used hand drawing typefaces. 



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