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Hello everybody!
I created this parametric metal shader in SubstancePainter 2 to help you speed up the process of creating a amazing metal material for vehicles, spacecraft and various metal objects.
With this parametric shader you can create colored, rusty, dirty, jammed, faded and other metals.
For this, I load the mask, filters that can be used to control different properties of metals.
In the archive you will find:
1) maps to preview the mesh
2) renders previews of all materials that are included in the pack
3) preview mesh to adjust of materials SubstancePainter 2
4), and most importantly - Parametric metal material SubstancePainter 2
Please watch the video to see how you can use it in your work.
Parametric metal includes:
1) pure metals 16 that can be used for "substrate" upper layers of paint and so on.
2) 7 parametric military metals
-6 Colors for tank + parametric rust and dirt
3) Basic parametric metal + parametric rust and dirt
I specifically add parametric masks for easy management of dirt, scratches, damage, rust and etc.
So I wish you a pleasant viewing and elegant renderings!
Good luck!
I hope that this pack will be useful to you.
Best regards, Andrew Krivulya aka Charly.
Enjoy watching!
Sincerely, Andrew Krivulya aka Charly.



Andrew Krivulya