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The Happy Hands Foundation hosts the Green Room fellowship once every two years with a view to foster meaningful collaborations between rural artisans and urban creative minds focused to create impact in a community through a radical approach. The fellowship enables artisans and fellows to learn from each other, and create innovative, sustainable solutions for crafts and the community.
In the Green Room Fellowship 2015, we were an interdisciplinary team that went to Anegundi, near Hampi, with the goal of enabling an exchange of ideas, thoughts and traditions set to bring about a change in the lives of villagers. We worked on mini-projects which would contribute to the larger goal of developing a sustainable community and preserving the heritage of Anegundi. 
The destination for this fellowship, Anegundi, is known for its rich heritage, and is fondly called The Kishkinda Kingdom. History credits Anegundi with being the birthplace of Hanuman and Sugreev, and the centre of the Vijaynagar Empire. While tourists occasionally travel to Hampi, Anegundi still remains tucked in, across the river from the UNESCO World Heritage Site. For this reason, villagers have not been able to find a sustainable living in the predominant home-stay culture. The many mythical / historical stories of Anegundi today, stand to be lost, as fragmented version pass down generations.
The outcome of the Fellowship threefold: a) To work with the local women and create souviners out of tamarind seed paste b) To create a heritage and cultural walk through Anegundi that included performances by the locals and c) To create India's first traveling museum series based on the Viajayanagar Empire, with a sensory narrative and recreated artefacts, coins, maps etc. 

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