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This was my Final Year Project done at SIM - RMIT University in Singapore. I love the outcome of the project. Please feel free to read the entire context before you scroll through the visual designs.

Problem Definition – Key Areas to Investigate                               

The ceremonial process of consuming and preparing caffeinated drinks have been widely appreciated by consumers worldwide. This proposal aims to investigate the current issues that women encounters while sipping excessive range of caffeinated products, commonly found in soft drinks, coffee and tea. This leads to critical issues such as impairing a woman’s fertility rate. The purpose is to examine the possible alternative that will be catered specifically for women who wish to conceive a child.

Even young women in their 20’s who should have no trouble in this area are sometimes finding it a challenge to let nature take its course. Alongside, they are not aware of the negative impressions commonly associated with caffeine intakes and increase time to conception. Scientific studies have found that caffeinated products have diuretic effect which reduces the nutrient absorption in the body and deplete the adrenal glands.

Solution – Promote recommended herbs to enhance your fertility naturally

A selected range of conception herbal tea will be introduced to the market segment, specially tailored for women who wish to get conceived. The positive side of fertility herbs compared to caffeine based drinks are helpful in nourishing the body and female reproductive system which in turn helps to relax the entire nervous system to facilitate conception. Several research readings have been put into practice on the type of herbal remedies that best suits women and their reproductive system. Holistic practitioners also suggest that modern women choose to live a more natural lifestyle and prefers herbal supplements that are safe to devour. There is also a fair amount of benefits in herbal teas.

As such, three main flavours will be introduced. They are Raspberry Leaf Tea, Red Clover Tea and Stinging Nettle Tea. The main focus is to encourage healthy drinking procedures and provide a “fertility-friendly” herbal tea alternative.

Concept - How the brand is conceived

Possession of the means or skill to do something

fertility-friendly drink that optimizes the chances of conceiving



A woman is the full circle. Bearing a child is habitually associated as one of the most vital milestones in her life. She has the most astonishing ability to nurture and transform a new life inside of her. Abilitea is a supportive, nutritious herbal tea designed especially for trying-to-conceive mum. It is a product that aids fertility in preparation for conception, supports overall reproductive health or helps the body in healing pre-existing fertility issue. It has a complete spectrum of ingredients that are authentic and contain no caffeine or preservatives.



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