Fantastic Mr Fox TV Promo (School Assignment)




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TV Promo for a school assignment.

We were tasked to create a show promo for a TV channel; I picked the movie "Fantastic Mr Fox",
which in hindsight, was a pretty crazy challenge, considering the beautiful graphic design
and great technical precision involved in Wes Anderson's works.

I decided to work with a 2.5d animation style this time round, with some 3D elements thrown into the mix.
In an attempt to inject Wes Anderson's recognisable film-making techniques in my promo, I also played with
symmetry, consistent colour tones, and tried to recreate his signature tracking shots in my camera movement.

I selected a few of what I found to be the most defining moments in the movie to work with, for example, the
scene in Clive Badger's (Mr Fox's lawyer) office, where Mr Fox was first introduced to Boggis, Bunce and Bean,
the 3 evil farmers in the movie. Because this was supposed to be a show promo, I also thought it would be
interesting to end the promo through a television that was shown a few times throughout the movie.

Assets were built, composited and animated in Cinema 4D and Adobe Photoshop and Adobe After Effects.