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Whoever has visited Tokyo must have realized that this people-packed capital city felt so fictional. Not meant to exaggerate, but most of the daily scenes you walk through felt like coming out from your childhood manga comics or anime TV series, well the realistic ones of course. Having limited knowledge whatsoever on Japanese words and my non-preference of joining tours, I traveled to this capital of the planet accompanied by the handy-dandy language guide book for tourists that resulted from my last-minute shopping, hours before departure. 

Like Sofia Coppola’s 2003 remarkable movie that was also shot here, I feel that anyone could feel alienated and strange in this red-dot country where the bright traffic lights over Ginza meets the minimum amount of English-speaking creatures. Thankfully, I should say that you won’t get lost here. Let me tell you my case. Me, being puzzled and lost in Shinjuku area, got helped by a middle-aged janitor. He even lead and walked side-by-side with me to the destination without me asking for it. And it was farther than 500 meters. 

So, among the plastic-transparent umbrellas under the rain, adult kabuki red-light district, and stylish kids on Harajuku who wear Muji and Costume National, the next plan I would offer to myself (and you guys here) is: Let’s take a self-trip alone to Tokyo, any takers? 



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