Walking Absurd Series




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Over the years, I painted numerous masks for art, and wore many of these myself. However, could I still recognize what’s underneath once I removed my masks?

In this overcrowded place, a mob of lunatics living as strangers traveling on the same road.

I've read many scripts, but still not yet to fully comprehend 'life'. Regardless of the roles I play here, I will give it all!

We created a virtual world thinking our relationships are closer to one another. But in fact, we're just drifting apart. Are we under this virtual reality spell? Only you know the answer

Forever holding hands, fulfilling a promise

We all have loved. The innocent love, the spoiled love, the true love, the wrong types of love. Sometimes love is getting us hurt, but other times it's a pure joy! So whatever it happens, let's give each other a hug!

In the overcrowded place, we're easily being pushed aside, yet we're still able gain a strong foothold. Smile, because you're here!

Time tick-tock-tick, footsteps tap-tap-tap. Endless meetings, Endless reports, Endless mechanical figures. Wind them up, time to move out!

Focusing too much on your own shadow, Then you’re missing the twinkling evening stars. Not letting the darkness to trap you in a corner, But using  it as a canvas to paint the silver moonlight! Head up, chest out, Take a deep breath and walk with pride

Once at this corner stop, we met, we said good-bye, and we ran into each other again. After so many years, is God bringing back the old flames?

The giant built a castle to protect himself from villager's attacks, but he also had boxed himself in. Day and night, he's only protecting his own little venerable heart

Rest comes with time. Even being left on the shelf for ages, and almost was forgotten. But slowly one day, it will see the light

I can see no sky, smell no land, hear no wind, and keep stepping into holes. Drifting from places to places

Born and die naked, there’s nothing you can take from this world. So live life to the fullest



Florence Lo