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SuperStreet at onenorth




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One North is one of Singapore's main research hubs with an influx of talents. It is also Singapore's cultural precinct with an interesting history. The site is located adjacent to the NTU Alumni Club and a residential area One North Residents with a view of the road and a canopy of trees. This landscape consist of both urban and natural elements and would be passed by mainly by students and researchers on the go. 
I want to integrate street activity with my building and create spaces that not just offer a range of functions but also contains an element of play. The building is located just beside the street. People walking pas the street any time of the day would notice the building easily. For example, someone walking on the street would pass by the library and design shop with open facades and be attracted to enter. The building is an alternating building with a series of open and closed facades. The lecture theatre and art gallery has an open facade on one side only. Minimum modification was done to the ground. On one hand, the building is part of the urban street, where people could step onto a rooftop and engage in street sports. On the other, the building is within a natural environment with scenic views of a canopy of trees. With this, the building becomes a landscape of linear events that is harmonious with both nature and the street.



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