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Keoladeo National Park ,a haven for birds hosts more than 200 species of birds.This was a man made wetland created for bird hunting purpose back in 17th Century. In the year 1982 , became a National Park.Now this park is in UNESCO's World Heritage List.
Once,this place was a breeding ground for Critically Endangered Siberian Crane.

Long grown grass,bushes,mounds form a perfect camouflage for Jackal,one of the predator species of the park(other is Indian Foxes) . Jackals do hunt for birds ,eggs and small rodents.

Nocturnal feeding Lesser Whistling Ducks were flocking around a water body.Interestingly while many of whistling ducks do sleep,other group would watch for predators

Red-Crowned Roof Turtle,a critically endangered species due to habitat loss are found in nearby Chambal Valley(yes,it's the same Phoolan Devi fame Chambal Valley).Chambal Valley is around 100km from Bharatpur. Also found here are critically endangered species like Gharial,
Ganges River Dolphin ,Indian Skimmer,Muggar Crocodile .

Sarus Crane,Tallest flying bird(height around 5ft 10in).They are found near wetlands,shallow water bodies of Uttar Pradesh,Gujarat and few other places of Northern India

Traditionally,Sarus Crane symbolises love and devotion.It is believed that when one of the pair of Sarus crane dies,other also dies by the way of starvation - refusing to take food.In some Gujarati tradition,newly wed couple have to view Sarus crane pair to bring prosperity and happiness in the married life.

This is one of the best place to observe,study and photograph various species of birds un-obtrusively. Nonetheless,this tiny collection of photographs cannot bring the beauty of this place altogether.
Yet the story ends here.



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